Phalanx is happy to announce a new startup partnership with Central, PA based JobHops.  Phalanx will be stepping in as technology and design partner for their endeavor to provide the craft brew industry it’s first truly vetted employment and talent finding portal.  JobHops is the brain child of Adam Chamberland, a local entrepreneur and craft beer enthusiast.  So what is JobHops?

Real opportunity. On tap. 24/7

JobHops is building a one stop craft beer staffing and career resource website as well as other networking tools. We will revolutionize the process of connecting leading craft breweries and their staff with the qualified candidates and resources they are seeking.

With the almost constant growth, expansion and popularity of craft beer in the US market in recent years combined with even more massive projections for the future, the need for a much more refined brewery staffing resource and career mapping interface for the industries rising stars is imminent.

With JobHops, career potentials will be able to create and update a personalized profile and breweries can list their current employment opportunities clearly in one place while vetting candidate profiles to create a streamlined staffing process.

No more shopping hundreds of websites or other incomplete directories to see what’s out there.

Phalanx is excited about the possibilities of building a niche market product like this and the potential it could have to open doors into an industry we have a good bit of experience with and love.  Definitely potential to do something great for the industry.




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  • Wednesday May 28, 2014