When it comes to differentiation and truly standing out, culture is one of the biggest superpowers that rivals just can’t replicate. A digital agency that truly understands its culture knows who they are and where they are going. Most importantly, they understand the importance of their people. After all, without them all that is left is a big old dusty room full of computers.

Attracting clients is an art form where getting the chemistry right is essential. It’s a big deal for clients to entrust a digital agency to work with their brand in creatively compelling and strategically insightful ways. To attract and retain clients, agencies need to gain their confidence from the outset and blow them away with the end result.

When it comes to client and agency chemistry, an agency should be Superman to the client’s Louis, Leia to their Han and Westley to their Princess Buttercup. In other words, made for each other.

The Geek Factor

The best digital agencies live for technology and they won’t be afraid to admit it. They are geeks and gamers and they wear their badges with honor. They are the ones who have to remember to shake hands rather than give a Vulcan salute. Technology should be their lifeblood, and they should squeeze every drop into every project they work on. In sharing the same unabashed passion for all things digital, the best agencies build a solid, collaborative culture that ensures the best results for their clients, always.

Above all else, passion should be the most important element across an agency’s team. Working with a team of like-minded individuals who are as happy working late together or watching Star Wars as they are breathing is an enjoyable and refreshing experience for the client used to working with stuffy agencies with no soul.

More Than Just Ping Pong Tables

Free beer and ping pong tables are nice to have, but what truly binds the best digital agencies together is the connections across their teams, their shared goals and their individuality. Get this right and the magic really starts to happen. From conception through to completion, every project is given the star treatment to ensure it hits the client’s expectations head on.

Collaboration is the driving force behind a successful agency and every design or development project they deliver. It is the agencies with their sights firmly set on customer satisfaction that are the champions when it comes to winning new and repeat business. Deliver one hell of a customer experience and they will keep coming back for more.

Defining Culture: An Ongoing Responsibility

Developing the right culture has never been more important for digital agencies. With great power comes great responsibility, and agencies need to work on ensuring they define their culture clearly for both their teams and their clients. In doing so, they show they are confident in who they are, confident in the direction they are heading and confident they have their client’s needs at the forefront of everything they do.

Wacky office furniture and an office Golden Retriever are just part of the digital agency story. True company culture flows throughout the team and into every project they develop and create. It is in the way that teams work, the vision they have and their sense of direction. It is how they reach decisions as well as learn and adapt. Most importantly, culture should be an element that constantly evolves to ensure it delivers the best experience for employees and clients alike.

Catch a bit of our culture here:


Culture Shock from Phalanx Digital on Vimeo.

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