What does that mean?

So yes, we are all from design or development background. But where the rubber really hits the road is in how we apply what we know to solve problems. We aren’t code monkeys or pixel pushers but actual digital partners who bring solutions and good decision making to the table. This is where we add value, not just in <Script> and photoshop layers.


Oh, and if you like the unicorn,  grab a wallpaper here.


We dump the industry jargon and talk like a human being. A lot of confusion can occur between various channels when you use terminology not everyone fully understands. Never be afraid to ask questions, we ask and so should you. It’s how we learn. When we combine all of our disciplines and team on a project amazing shit happens. Everyone owns the effort.

  • Insight & Strategy
  • Creative
  • Development
  • Mobile
  • Data Analytics

Insight & Strategy

The BEDROCK for what creates success and provides the ability to measure that success is strategy. With the right research and subsequent plan, we help partners cut through what isn’t important and get to what is. Starting with a clear understanding of your audience and goals, Phalanx strategy plan will help tell your story with a multiplying effect.

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The Best projects are the ones where clients area able to work with us to provide some of the knowledge of the business and brand and the goals that will define success for their needs. Great partners are like gold and they breed success.


Design & UX comes down to one thing at Phalanx, what’s the problem we are trying to solve for a user and how do we do it effectively. The team at Phalanx designs with the goal of not only delivering usable and engaging interactions but also moments of Wow. Understanding customer needs is everything and our first priority, new technology and platforms will shift but the future still lies in delivering for the user.

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Prototype, test and refine. Our design methodology and strategy utilizes what we learn about the brand and the user to define the path. We then design/build and prototype to prove our theories. The modern agency spends its time more effectively building than it does producing slide decks and presentations. In the end a customer can truly understand the direction when they can touch it.


The Right tool for the Right Job. Phalanx technology team is all about making the right decisions to fit the needs of the partner. We aren’t married to platforms. It doesn’t matter if the goals are native mobile applications, responsive websites, interactive kiosks, games or enterprise dashboards, we deliver solutions for the long haul.


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Performance & Scalability are the foundation for the modern application. The end goal for most customers is to grow their business and not always in a direction they may be considering at the time. To do that developers need to think long term. At the same time we also have to keep in mind that users prefer performance over style in some cases. So performance is a must.


It’s a Mobile First world. With mobile internet traffic accounting for more than any other device and growing 30% yearly, mobile is the first pressure point now. Phalanx centers our design and development efforts on mobile devices unless a good business case says otherwise. For us, mobile represents the most active touch point for the customer, most engaging and quickest. Setting the bar for mobile drives conversion.


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Mobile isn’t just phones. Mobile technology goes far beyond phones in this day and age. Wearables are starting to change the game and provide valuable data on consumer habits and yet another touch point. Our technologists don’t just look at the solution from one angle but as the potential to leverage multiple paths to the customer and their behavior.

Data Analytics

Data can be one of your most powerful resources. Used correctly, it can answer important questions about your customers, and your potential customers. Do you know what specific factors influence your customers? Is it demographics such as age, economic status, or time zone? Do any of your potential customers follow a set pattern before leaving your site—without buying? Data analytics can help you answer those questions.

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We won’t tell you what trends are hidden in your data; we’ll show you. Using powerful visualization tools, we can create engaging, interactive views of the data you already have. The combination of easily understood information plus your insight means you’ll begin asking more deliberate, informed questions about which strategies will be most successful for your business.




We get paid to make cool sh#t
Not talk about it.