At Phalanx Digital we realize that one of the most important things for longevity when it comes to technology and design success is procuring talent.   Having a pipeline to the next generation of technologists is essential to remaining relevant and future success.  So when the opportunity to work with a technology based university comes about you grab it.  Phalanx has recently joined forces with Harrisburg University to help reface and re-position their web presence.  Phalanx main duties will be to assist with planning and information architecture for the site as well as handle creative direction and design for the project.  Phalanx will work with Harrisburg University internal team to design and deliver a progressive and modern website that delivers the right message and carries users through a process that may one day be their “life story”.

Steven Infanti from Harrisburg University had this to say about choosing to work with our team, ” We went with Phalanx Digital and Paul’s team with no hesitation as they have an unmatched mixture of creative capabilities and technological insight.  We need a team that can provide a progressive and edgy look to the University’s website that will resonate with our target audience  and Phalanx is that team.”  We love hearing things like that from the customers we work with.

So stay tuned for more info as we are already into planning phase and initial concepts for this project.  Much more to come.

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  • Friday June 20, 2014


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Responsive web

Responsive web