A major goal of Phalanx in the coming year is to not only deliver projects for our customers and partner agencies, but to actually deliver something that changes lives. To this end we are currently working on a project plan and prototype to assist those with special needs utilizing Google Glass codenamed, Project Serenity. Our goal with the application is to provide a two way channel for someone with Autism for instance, to communicate with coaches, nurses or family when they need help.

Consider the opportunity to open a line of communication quickly and easily with a swipe on the device and allow assistance personnel to quickly gain context to the situation and the best way to help. Utilizing the capabilities of the hardware to do live video feed, voice chat, load GPS coordinates and message. It’s a perfect solution to simplify the communications channel and provide the best care possible remotely. We are very excited about this project and working with our colleagues at Harrisburg University to pursue grant opportunities to fund the endeavor.

For the development of this project we will be exposing the process, design, methodologies and providing an inside look at how it eventually comes about here on our website and on our Facebook page so be sure to go over and check out our Facebook page and check back regularly.

Look for more info from us in the coming weeks.



Phalanx Digital is a award winning Pennsylvania based digital agency that works directly with advertising and marketing agencies to help design and develop their digital efforts.  With designers and developers in-house with skills ranging from native mobile apps to enterprise software experience design and development Phalanx is uniquely positioned to assist our partners with making their digital dreams real.  Phalanx makes its reputation with delivering projects for large and small brands alike on time and under budget.  Customers we have worked with include: Sheetz, Remington, Victory Motorcycles, Troegs, US Army, Carlisle Syntec, Allstate, Beaufurn and many others. 

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