Phalanx is happy to announce a new partner agency we are working with on digital efforts.  Mythic is located in Charlotte, NC and has such notable customers as Ally Bank,  Time Warner Cable, Subway and Geico to name a few.  Phalanx is acting as a digital production partner for Mythic and whatever they need to augment a strong internal team.  Mythic joins a growing stable of agencies from the dirty south that Phalanx is glad to be joining forces with.  We look forward to polishing off the projects we have in development with them and future efforts.

A little more about Mythic:

After working together for more than a decade in several client/agency relationships, Lee James and David Soliday joined forces to create mythic. David grew up on the client side. Lee comes from the creative side of the agency world. These two perspectives coming together are what allows mythic to have a unique understanding of what a client needs and how best to deliver it.

In creating mythic, they assembled a team of creative, strategic and media talent from the best agencies and consulting firms across the country with the goal in mind of making the kind of difference that today’s brands require to stay competitive and relevant.

Mythic has found that a more disciplined focus on consumer connection borne out of relevant meaning is a far better approach than the typical agency approach of entertainment value as the means to brand development.

“Like a story that over times becomes a myth, what a brand means to consumers is more important than what that brand is.”
And therein lies our mission for each and every brand: to mean more, be more and ultimately be mythic.


Phalanx Digital is a award winning Pennsylvania based digital agency that works directly with advertising and marketing agencies to help design and develop their digital efforts.  With designers and developers in-house with skills ranging from native mobile apps to enterprise software experience design and development Phalanx is uniquely positioned to assist our partners with making their digital dreams real.  Phalanx makes its reputation with delivering projects for large and small brands alike on time and under budget.  Customers we have worked with include: Sheetz, Remington, Victory Motorcycles, Troegs, US Army, Carlisle Syntec, Allstate, Beaufurn and many others. 

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  • Tuesday May 05, 2015