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Phalanx Digital is proud to announce that we have partnered with Carlisle Syntec on several initiatives tied to their mobile product offerings across their many business units.   Phalanx is working with Carlisle to roll out several co branded mobile apps from a platform our team conceived that allows us to quickly deploy Android & iOS apps.  The Carlisle website CMS provides the backbone to each business units web presence as well as mobile app and via API’s we have developed provides key functionality to people in the field.  We’re excited to continue to expand Carlisle’s mobile platform and efficiently execute applications for each business they own or manage.

About Carlisle Syntec
Carlisle revolutionized the commercial roofing industry 50 years ago with the introduction of its EPDM single-ply membrane. Over the past 50 years, Carlisle has continued to lead the industry through a constant stream of innovation that has offered its valued customers the best in performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

In contrast with its single product focus more than 80 years ago, Carlisle nowreaches out domestically from 21 manufacturing locations,80 manufacturer and representative offices and eight regional sales offices to serve the non-residential single-ply roofing marketplace.

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  • Tuesday November 19, 2013