The team at Phalanx is very excited to be an official sponsor of Harrisburg Startup Week  (http://www.hbgstart.com/) .  Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs access to our facility and team to assist with bringing their ideas to life.  First and foremost our team and specifically our founder will be mentoring at the event providing insight into feasibility of ideas as well as design and development strategy for MVP production.  Phalanx entire team will be available to entrepreneurs the entire week from 10am-5pm Monday – Friday at our HQ near downtown Harrisburg.   Our office will be open door policy to co-work and basecamp from for participant startups.  We will provide access to our team of developers and designers (some remotely) for feedback, strategy and even production help if needed.  At the office we have plenty of bandwidth, caffeine,  snacks and a gaming lounge with two large beanbags to take a short break.  We want to foster success in any way we can.

Our Office Location:
160 S Progress Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Phone: 717.497.1574

Throughout the Event Phalanx will also be reachable via our Twitter account (@WeArePhalanx) and will respond to any team that has a question or needs some feedback that posts and uses the hashtag #askPhalanx, we’ll be up late. 🙂

To The Victors….

To the victors go the spoils right?  Well for this years event Phalanx will provide the winning team a full man week (40 hours) of design/development consultancy and production.  This means for the winner, that if you need design to get your product to the next level you have a chunk of our time to help you do it.  Or if you need a developer to step in and assist with polishing your MVP we can do that too.  This provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to also experience the process a bit if they haven’t already.



Phalanx Digital is a award winning Pennsylvania based digital agency that works directly with advertising and marketing agencies to help design and develop their digital efforts.  With designers and developers in-house with skills ranging from native mobile apps to enterprise software experience design and development Phalanx is uniquely positioned to assist our partners with making their digital dreams real.  Phalanx makes its reputation with delivering projects for large and small brands alike on time and under budget.  Customers we have worked with include: Sheetz, Remington, Victory Motorcycles, Troegs, US Army, Carlisle Syntec, Allstate, Beaufurn and many others. 

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