When you combine a really cool project concept with our digital team and it involves something we can take to the range and shoot, it’s a win/win.  In this case we worked with a “new to market”, custom AR platform manufacturer to bring their vision of an online portal to not only buy an AR15 but customize it with paint schemes.  We loved the thought of building a 3d enabled product configurator from the ground up.  There are some products on the shelf that do some of this but nothing that really handles all the nuances of logic that would be needed and still perform well.  So our team put it’s heads together and chose the best 3d library available for the job,  Microsoft Babylon.  Currently used on the Xbox website to allow users to visualize a custom wireless controller,  we used the same tech to build a much more complex tool.  For this project we had individual requirements for parts and costs and limitations based on those components so it isn’t just about applying a color to a part.  The shopping cart had to be customized to not allow certain paint types with certain parts.  It also had to upcharge based on number of colors added and upgraded part options.

In the end we built something that is truly customizable and will allow us to extend it’s capabilities down the road should the customer want to allow users to “decal” the products or add more part options etc.  The end result of the project is the user having the ability to see what their design will look like and hit “Order Now”.

The project also includes the ability to store and share your configurations and allow someone else to buy your design even.


Be sure to check out www.jointhegnarmy.com.

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  • Monday December 19, 2016