Project Spec

Codename: Runner started out as an idea in a notebook by Paul Benninghove, former owner of LightHammerFX and current CEO of Phalanx Digital. The premise was simple, a multiplayer action game with an element of tower defence and co-op play. Runners would traverse a obstacle filled map that is full of deadly opponents, traps and environmental dangers to reach a finish line. Each runner has a sidekick who helps them along the way via tablet based app with mapping the best path, hacking obstacles, providing loot drops to assist and in general acting as an eye in the sky. This project got a lot of eyes from the gaming space including Epic Games offering free engine license before it was free and inviting our team down to sit and discuss it. The game also got picked up in USA Today for its innovation with a game engine.


  • Game Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Story Writing
  • Character Design
  • Level Design
  • Concept Development
  • Documentation Writing
Delivery timeframe for this project was 2 months

Scope: Game Design Document and Pitch Deck

Link to game design document: Codename:Runner

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